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czwartek, 4 marca 2010

Titanic 2000: A Vampire's Lust is Unsinkable (1999)

Titanic 2000: A Vampire's Lust is Unsinkable (1999)

Proving that some people just don't learn from history, a new Titanic is launched and calamity follows in its wake in this sexy comedy. The all-new Titanic 2000 sets sail on its maiden voyage with a rather motley collection of passengers, including burned-out rock star Glitter Bolan (John P. Fedele), his naive girlfriend Shari (Tina Krause), a nerdy aspiring artist, and a captain with a bad habit of hitting the bottle (Michael R. Thomas). Things go from silly to dangerous when Vladimina (Tammy Parks) shows up -- she's a voluptuous vampire with a taste for human blood and an attraction to other women, which makes things difficult for Shari when Vladimina sets her eyes on her.

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