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środa, 19 sierpnia 2009

Dangerous Seductress

Dangerous Seductress

John Miller's horror film Dangerous Seductress stars Tonya Offer as Suzy, a woman who moves to Asia, where her sister works as a model, in order to get away from an abusive boyfriend. Quite accidentally, Suzy unleashes an evil witch who commands Suzy to go out and pick up men so that they may be killed and fed to the witch (played by Amy Weber).

wtorek, 11 sierpnia 2009

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

This movie has everything any red-blooded American male B-movie buff could ever ask for. Beautiful women. Killing. Beautiful women. Comedy. Beautiful women. A wiseacre detective a la Mike Hammer on valium. And all of it on the cheap. If you're one of those PC Nazis, you'll hate it, but if you can take low-brow comedy with a grain of salt it'll be a fabulous movie-going experience.

piątek, 7 sierpnia 2009

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps (1999)

In this sci-fi western sex comedy (yes, there are such things), a pair of attractive women find themselves transported through time to the Old West, where people think they're new recruits for the local house of ill repute. They hook up with some cowboys, and their free-wheeling sexual escapades draw the less-than-approving attention of several of the townspeople. As a result, when an officer of the law turns up murdered, the ladies and their gentlemen are prime suspects. The women are soon on the run as they try to figure out how to get back to the end of the 20th Century before they find themselves at the end of a rope, or working at the brothel for the rest of their days.

wtorek, 4 sierpnia 2009

Animal Attraction III (2001)

Animal Attraction III (2001)

Liam and his partners are about to open Hollywood's most trendy and provocative nightspot. But as opening night draws near, Liam finds himself short on cash, and desperate to make some money. Young, gorgeous and in need of some quick funding, Liam does the only thing he can and seduces some of LA's finest and wealthiest women. Things spin out of control and in the heat of the moment, Liam finds himself biting off more than he can chew. What Liam discovers is that some temptations are just too hard to resist.

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Animal Instincts: The Seductress (1995)

Animal Instincts: The Seductress

She'll do anything if she thinks you're watching. Joanna Cole (Wendy Schumacher), who has a passion for exposing private fantasies, fans the flames of rock promoter Alex Savage, who finds excitement in secretly watching others. His voyeurism and her need to bare it all climax in a showdown of burning sexual desires.

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