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wtorek, 31 marca 2009

Illicit Dreams (1995)

Illicit Dreams

A woman who doesn't want marriage to change her life marries her lover and sees her fears come true.

sobota, 28 marca 2009

Body Chemistry 4 - Full Exposure (1994)

Body Chemistry 4 - Full Exposure

TV producer CLAIR ARCHER, charged with the murder of her co-producer, hires top attorney Simon Mitchell to defend her. Though happily married, Simon falls for Clair's seductive wiles and then, in the middle of the trial and the torrid affair, discovers that Clair is guilty. Simon's associate, Lane, finds incriminating evidence against Clair. Simon tries to end the affair. But Clair cleverly sets up Lane so that when Clair kills Simon, Simon's wife suspects Lane -- and shoots her. Clair Archer is judged "not guilty" and walks away free.

piątek, 27 marca 2009

Pleasurecraft (1999)


In this erotic sci-fi adventure, the men of the starship Prometheus are pleasantly surprised when they learn of their latest assignment. They are scheduled to make a delivery to a planet far away -- a cargo of several beautiful females to be bartered as brides. However, with a number of lovely women on board, the crew is sorely tempted to take them as their own rather than delivering them to their assigned port of call, even though that would be a clear violation of ethics (not to mention an easy way to make the boss angry).

czwartek, 26 marca 2009

Night Fire (1994)

Night Fire

A weekend of sexual passion turns into a night of terror and a quest for survival. For Lydia Evans (Shannon Tweed), this weekend was to be a time to rebuild passion with her husband Barry (John Laughlin). Her plans are interrupted by the arrival of a stranded couple who have an appetite for kinky, dangerous sex. Their behavior excites Barry and disturbs Lydia. Nevertheless, she finds herself intrigued by the couple and aroused by their carnal thrills, until the excitement turns to obsession…

środa, 25 marca 2009

The Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man

The Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man

Aspiring actor Norman is having trouble being seen in Hollywood. But when he stumbles on an invisibility formula he finds that not being seen is much more fun.... and all the girls love him! Boldly going where no man has been unseen before Norman is journeying into a comic adventure of barely visible proportions.

Suburban secrets (2004)

Suburban secrets

Laura, a famous nude model, returns to her small-town home when she learns that her old boyfriend is having a relationship with her aunt.

sobota, 21 marca 2009

Erotic Obsessions (2002)

Erotic Obsessions

With an eye for excitement James has a habit of filming the erotic exploits of his neighbours. But when one of the tapes catches more than he anticipated, James winds up the victim of a vicious hit and run. When his ex-girlfriend Lena learns of his accident she comes to is rescue...only to find her own erotic obsessions and her highly charged exploration of her sexual needs.

czwartek, 19 marca 2009

A Woman Scorned (1994)

A Woman Scorned

A man (Dan McVicar) so desperate for a promotion prostitutes his unwilling wife (Shannon Tweed) to his boss. Then despite this sacrifice, another man (Andrew Stevens) is brought in to take the positio...( read more read more... )n and the first man is faced with a demotion and potentially being completely ousted from the company. Humiliated, he chooses to commit suicide. His wife then vows revenge on everyone involved and manipulates her way into Stevens' home as a tutor to his teen son (Michael D. Arenz). Of course, what she teaches is not on a school curriculum. She further starts poisoning his wife (Kim Morgan Greene), while seducing her and her husband. Everyone, of course, is set against each other. But none of the group think of blaming Tweed.

środa, 18 marca 2009

Virtual Encounters (1996)

Virtual Encounters

Happy birthday, Amy (Elizabeth Kaitan). Amys boyfriend Michael (Rob Lee) gave her the deluxe, super-duper virtual encounter. This is his way of removing her inhibitions and allowing her to fulfill the desires hidden deep inside. He finds he has a real tiger by the tail.


Virtual Encounters 2

The high-tech hinjinks at Midvale College give a whole new meaning to the term "physical education," as the apt pupils are instructed in the finer points of pleasure ... Full Descriptionby a computer program that generates "virtual" partners.

Lord of the G-Strings

Lord of the G-Strings

I thought this movie needed a review from a married women. I thought this movie was the funniest porn we've watched since Bratgirl. Perhaps if your sitting home alone then this movie isn't for you but if you are looking for some fun to start a night of more fun then I think this movie is a great start.

It is full of puns, bad jokes and VERY tame sexual situations. My husband says it's almost tame enough to be party porn, I'm not sure I would say that. However if you are a fan of LOTR then this movie will get you laughing and get things going.


password: babalar

wtorek, 17 marca 2009

Femalien & Femalien 2

Femalien (1996) Director's Unedited Cut

A race of aliens have evolved themselves to the point that they've eliminated their physical beings and exist only as beams of light. However, somewhere along the way they left behind the pleasures of the flesh, so they send an emissary named Kara to Earth to experience as many sensual delights as possible that can be recorded for all of the species to access. Since Kara has been designed to represent a perfect specimen of human female, she has little trouble finding Earth men willing to help her -- all in the name of science, of course.


Femalien 2 (1998)

Two aliens come to Earth seeking their missing comrade, Kara, and find that she has taken an intense interest in human sexual behavior. As they follow along on her path, a nerdish UFO type and his fiance track them, while a mysterious "man in black" tracks them.

niedziela, 15 marca 2009

SEX Scene Investigation

SEX Scene Investigation

Two cops enforcing the new law against pre-marital sex from president George W. Shrubb discover an evil plan involving the later daughter.

This is a parody of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I've never seen any episode so I can't really compare, but as far as I know Seduction Cinema, there is probably nothing in common except the title.

The Rowdy Girls

The Rowdy Girls

This is not going to win an Oscar, we all know that. However, as a B-movie, I do find it quite watchable. At least it has a plot and I like the fact that the makers of this film don't take itself so seriously and sometimes even make fun of the story or characters themselves. That makes the film more fun to watch. Some people might find the nudity not explicit enough, especially because of the names like Shannon Tweed or Julie Strain are featured in this film. Since Shannon Tweed co-produced this film herself, I believe this is how they intended to make the film: not making a softporn flick full of nonsense sex scenes but a comedy with a bit nudity instead. The acting in general is better as compared to other B-movies.

piątek, 13 marca 2009

Takin' It Off Out West

Takin' It Off Out West

A flesh-filled romp through the Wild, Wild West.


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czwartek, 12 marca 2009

Lethal Seduction

Lethal Seduction

Penthouse Pet Julie Strain stars as Holly, the mysterious and sexy brunette who may be behind the murders of a number of mob associates. Crime boss Gus Gruman has been steadily losing friends and business partners to a mysterious killer who entices her victims with the promise of sex and then brutally murders her victim. Detective Trent Jacobsen has become obsessed with solving the killings, but the seductive Holly, his only suspect, and her feminine wiles may prove to be too much for detective Jacobsen to handle.
Local crime boss Gus Gruman (Estevez) is rapidly losing friends and associates to a sexually oriented serial killer. And there's obsessed cop Trent Jacobson (Mitchum) who's determined to solve the crimes. The one clue is a mystery brunette seen leaving a crime scene.

pass: gis



Mayor Stiles’ daughter Donna is killed the night after a lousy date with the shy Mitch. Of course this makes him the main suspect. When Mitch gets free on bail, Styles hires ex-cop Mace to follow him. Mace learns immediately that someone’s after Mitch’s life - and after his and prostitute Sarah’s too, as soon as they’re seen together. Unfortunately it’s a cop who’s after them, murdering witnesses and faking evidence against Mace. So Sarah has to give her best to soothe the pain of being accused while innocent.



Edward is busy trying to unlock the secrets of reading and recording people's thoughts. He is very involved with his work leaving little room for girlfriend Britt. Longstreet comes along and offers Edward a place to do his research and have unlimited funding. There are, however, ulterior motives as Edward is also somehow unlocking the secrets of eternal life.

środa, 11 marca 2009

Sorceress II: The Temptress

Sorceress II: The Temptress

A bevy of beautiful women are invading the dreams of men in order to gain control of their souls, but when one man's dream turns deadly, he awakens instincts buried deep within him that he uses to retaliate against the Queen of Evil.




This is another look at the occult as inspired by Roger Corman and his view of the dark side. Two friends, who both work for the same high-priced, high-powered law firm, are both married to modern day witches. Erica, the wife of Larry, believes that he is being led astray by Carol, an old flame, who also works for the same law firm. Erica decides to act and one night after a torrid sex session Larry drifts off to sleep and begins to dream. Soon the dream turns into a nightmare of sex, violence, murder and death involving himself, his friends and colleagues from the law firm which appears to be frighteningly realistic..

czwartek, 5 marca 2009

The Dallas Connection

The Dallas Connection

Vicious beauties, posing as exotic dancers, are targeting a group of scientists who have convened in Dallas with the purpose of designing and activating a weapons to stop the flow of nuclear arms out of the United States. When, one by one, these scientists turn up dead, a crack team of agents is dispensed to stop the temptresses. But this femme army is a lethal force, and in addition to stealing top secret microchips, they kidnap one of the government's female operatives. Now the agents have to destroy the terrorists and rescue one of their own!