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środa, 11 listopada 2009

Midnight Tease & Midnight Tease 2

Midnight Tease & Midnight Tease 2

Midnight Tease

There's nothing like a good old fashion stripper movie to make me feel happy when I am sad. After watching this wet walnut, I have no doubt that I am immortal and that I will never have to sleep again. And, since seeing this crackling rose, I have taken control of my life and kicked out all of the trolls and dwarfs that where living in the walls of my house on to the street. I am a new man with a new identiy. A man that will stand up for justice and the weak. I hope everyone else that saw this movie will feel the same.


Midnight Tease 2

Ah yes... Midnight Tease II... another T&A flick. We all know these types of films exist solely as a pretty sad excuse to see some attractive women parade around in the nude and on that level Midnight Tease II triumphs. Not much to say about the story other than it's typical for straight-to-video fare of this type... I mean where do they come up with this stuff? A woman goes undercover in a strip club to find out who murdered her stripper sister? Yeah, okay. Luckily the limp story never gets in the way of the ladies.

So if you're a fan of late night T&A flicks and you want some nice looking ladies to peek at you know the deal here already. Midnight Tease II is your meal ticket. The ladies are fine and the movie features a great strip club atmosphere. Kimberly Kelley is easy on the eyes and keep an eye out for Julie K. Smith. A former Penthouse pet who can be seen in numerous other flicks of this type and some of Sidaris babes 'n bullets flicks. The hot blonde really kicks it into high gear here.

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