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środa, 23 września 2009

Hotel Exotica (1998)

Hotel Exotica

A sexually frustrated married couple checks into the Hotel Exotica, where supernatural powers work to reignite the passion in their marriage.

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poniedziałek, 14 września 2009

Sexual Predator

Sexual Predator

An erotic thriller filled with HOT sex scenes and full frontal nudity! It was worth the wait!! The sex scenes are about as explicit as they come in R-rated movies. Angie plays a parole officer keeping tabs on kinky Richard Grieco, who's on probation after killing a lover during a particularly intense s&m session. Tragic accident? Intentional murder? Angie's not sure, but she wants to find out - and she's soon drawn into his dark'n'dangerous world herself.

środa, 9 września 2009

Shandra, the Jungle Girl (1999)

Shandra, the Jungle Girl

Four scientists journey to the Brazilian jungle in search of the fabled Shandra, a sexy but savage she-creature who pleasures her victims to death.

czwartek, 3 września 2009

Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood (2004)

Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood (2004)

As a lover of horror i knew from the title this one would be a cheezer but with Paul Naschy i figured it might be not so bad. Wrong! The bad acting and bad lines were good times to grab a snack in between lesbian love scenes. The babes are quality and there are lots of them but thats about all. Naschy was around from time to time but did little to improve this grade C attempt. If you want porn buy porn, if you want a vampire movie try something else. Mystery Science Theatre has shown and made fun of much better movies than this.