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wtorek, 7 kwietnia 2009

Virtual Girl (1998) & Virtual Girl 2: Naked Vegas (2001)

Virtual Girl

This is one of the many cheesy soft-core porns where a woman in a VR simulation becomes “real” and falls in love with the VR system creator. This genius game designer creates a CD-Rom sex game called “Virtual Girl,” but somehow, the hot chick in the game becomes sentient and wants to boff his brains out. She does every fantasy he desires, and things are great until the programmer realizes he might be cheating on his wife (duh!). He tries to drop her, but the virtual girl then goes all Fatal Attraction on him, and decides to get back at him. The Virtual chick magically transforms herself into a real person in the real world and sets out to destroy his marriage, ruin his job, etc. Truly, there’s nothing all that great here (such as a coherent plot, decent acting and so forth), but there’s at least decent amount of cheesy Skinemax style love vignettes.


Virtual Girl 2: Naked Vegas

Louis, a brilliant software designer, and his attractive assistant Sharon travel to Las Vegas to show off a new virtual reality program. But ambitious Sharon has a plan to steal Louis' thunder and make a fortune of her own.

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