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sobota, 25 kwietnia 2009

Insatiable Ironbabe (2008)

Insatiable Ironbabe

Beautiful billionaire Horny Fark (Jackie Stevens) owns Fark Industries - a multi-national corporation that produces high-tech sex toys. Fark inventions such as the "Spank-O-Tron", "Gargantuan Groper"and "Double Drill Assassinator" have forever ~Censored~ the sex industry and personal intimacy. While attending the International Adult Toy Show in far off Bacchustan, Fark is captured by terrorist Abu Bu and forced to construct a nuclear-powered sex doll. With no option but to fight back for the kinky sexual freedom of humankind, Fark escapes and builds an impenetrable sex toy suit of armor which sports a deadly laser bra, bullet-proof panties, and long-lasting batteries. Piloting her helium-filled inflatable doll back to Bacchustan, Fark destroys planes, tanks and women's hetero-only tendencies in one fell swoop.

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