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wtorek, 14 kwietnia 2009

The Erotic Witch Project 1, 2, 3

The Erotic Witch Project 3

It is August 12th, 1812 and the mayors wife has found Helena Pottsworth (later to be known as The Erotic Witch.). Helenas visit to the town on this day coincides with the recent election of the Mayor and his attempts to control the minds of the town. But Helena knows hes evil and hopes to make the town immune by inhibiting their bodies. With the clash of powers, who will win?


The Erotic Witch Project 2

Darian has been found and placed into an asylum as she has gone insane with eroticism. And it seems her presence eroticizes everyone else around her. The doctors will try to get to the bottom of her...I mean this mystery, before the press does and blows the lid off the town of Bacchusville, and the gorilla.


The Erotic Witch Project

November 1999. Three gorgeous college girls entered the woods of Bacchusville, New Jersey, in search of the legendary Erotic Witch. With cameras in hand documenting their every footstep and discovery, Katie, Darian and Victoria were unafraid of the Witch's ultra-sexy supernatural powers and sensual spells. After all, the girls had left their boyfriends behind. What erotic "harm" could possibly befall them?