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środa, 1 kwietnia 2009

The Erotic Ghost (2001)

The Erotic Ghost

If you love soft-core lesbian sex, you'll love Suduction Cinema's Erotic Ghost. Doris, (played by Darian Caine) an unfulfilled housewife bored by the mundanity of her daily life, has an erotic encounter with a sexy vampire / ghost (Tammy Parks) while her husband (Zachary 'Blood Bullets Buffons' Snygg) is at work having his own strange day. Later, two scantly clad girls dressed in red Halloween outfits, grope each other, and seduce her in the basement of her home. The horny devil women end up in her bed, for a lipstick smothered she-demon three-way that turns this bored home body into a lusting lesbo. "...Is Doris hallucinating or going crazy, or are these devilishly sensual and kinky lesbian encounters really happening?" This disc includes a wild behind the scenes sneak peeks at the on-set goings-on, as well as interviews with Tammy Parks and Darian Caine

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