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czwartek, 12 marca 2009

Lethal Seduction

Lethal Seduction

Penthouse Pet Julie Strain stars as Holly, the mysterious and sexy brunette who may be behind the murders of a number of mob associates. Crime boss Gus Gruman has been steadily losing friends and business partners to a mysterious killer who entices her victims with the promise of sex and then brutally murders her victim. Detective Trent Jacobsen has become obsessed with solving the killings, but the seductive Holly, his only suspect, and her feminine wiles may prove to be too much for detective Jacobsen to handle.
Local crime boss Gus Gruman (Estevez) is rapidly losing friends and associates to a sexually oriented serial killer. And there's obsessed cop Trent Jacobson (Mitchum) who's determined to solve the crimes. The one clue is a mystery brunette seen leaving a crime scene.

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