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piątek, 20 lutego 2009

Play Time

Play Time

In the spirit of Dadaism, director Trevillion has created a surrealistic fantasy. The absurdity of a happy marriage is brought forth by having the wives realize they are not the Mistresses of their Domain. Anarchy reigns as our two heroines, whether flying solo or in tandem, journey south of the border and start messing with the danger zone. Old relationships are torn down, new ones built, and old ones restored until they all come together at the climax. Our two plucky leading ladies are played by Eye Candy Hall of Fame inductees Jennifer Burton and All-Century Second team member Monique Parent. Their performances are a stroke of genius from beginning until the end of the film. Excellent cameos by Ashlie Rhey, Julie Strain, and Tammy Parks help flesh out this classic.


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