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piątek, 11 grudnia 2009


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My Open Minded Wife (2006)

My Open Minded Wife

Jim is all about looking good and impressing others unlike his wife who always seems to dress frumpy, hiding her beautiful figure. Jim decides to get some help from his co-worker, who knows how to dress sexy. When Jim comes home from work, he’s surprised with a sexy fashion show by Sandy and Kathy, showing off all their “altered” outfits much to his delight.

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środa, 11 listopada 2009

Midnight Tease & Midnight Tease 2

Midnight Tease & Midnight Tease 2

Midnight Tease

There's nothing like a good old fashion stripper movie to make me feel happy when I am sad. After watching this wet walnut, I have no doubt that I am immortal and that I will never have to sleep again. And, since seeing this crackling rose, I have taken control of my life and kicked out all of the trolls and dwarfs that where living in the walls of my house on to the street. I am a new man with a new identiy. A man that will stand up for justice and the weak. I hope everyone else that saw this movie will feel the same.


Midnight Tease 2

Ah yes... Midnight Tease II... another T&A flick. We all know these types of films exist solely as a pretty sad excuse to see some attractive women parade around in the nude and on that level Midnight Tease II triumphs. Not much to say about the story other than it's typical for straight-to-video fare of this type... I mean where do they come up with this stuff? A woman goes undercover in a strip club to find out who murdered her stripper sister? Yeah, okay. Luckily the limp story never gets in the way of the ladies.

So if you're a fan of late night T&A flicks and you want some nice looking ladies to peek at you know the deal here already. Midnight Tease II is your meal ticket. The ladies are fine and the movie features a great strip club atmosphere. Kimberly Kelley is easy on the eyes and keep an eye out for Julie K. Smith. A former Penthouse pet who can be seen in numerous other flicks of this type and some of Sidaris babes 'n bullets flicks. The hot blonde really kicks it into high gear here.

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wtorek, 20 października 2009

The Erotic Mirror

The Erotic Mirror

Amy (Laurie Wallace) and Bill are on a romantic getaway when they come across an old second-hand store. Amidst the clutter, Amy unearths a beautiful antique mirror and immediately is overcome by a deep inner desire to caress and explore her luscious body in ways she never thought possible. Amy quickly buys the mirror only to discover the ghostly legend of the sexually insatiable whorehouse Madame (Darian Caine) trapped inside it. Powerless to control herself, Amy indulges her naughtiest fantasies when standing before the shimmering mirror. Soon all her female friends (Misty Mundae, Esmerelda DeLarocca, AJ Kahn) are introduced to its seductive supernatural energy, and none of them can deny the lesbian urges that overtake their sweet young bodies, transforming them into writhing sex-machines that cannot be satisfied. But amidst the moans of pleasure, how could Amy possibly realize the terrifying consequences of her actions, and the fate the ghost in the mirror has in store for each of them. Will it be infinite ecstasy or endless erotic longing?

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poniedziałek, 5 października 2009

Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing

Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing

When I think of Van Helsing, I think of BOOBS!!!!! Vampire Boobs!!!!!!!!!! This cinematic triumph comes from the same director as Gladiator Eroticus, and Playmate of the Apes, so when I rented it from my local video store, I knew I was in for something special! There were girls, and they were fighting!! fighting NAKED! I highly recommend that you watch this film.

But if three sets of surgically altered mammaries doesn't really do it for you, there are other aspects of this movie that make it worth at least three viewings. The special effects rival the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and are as ground breaking as The Matrix, or the latest Peter Gabriel music video.

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środa, 23 września 2009

Hotel Exotica (1998)

Hotel Exotica

A sexually frustrated married couple checks into the Hotel Exotica, where supernatural powers work to reignite the passion in their marriage.

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poniedziałek, 14 września 2009

Sexual Predator

Sexual Predator

An erotic thriller filled with HOT sex scenes and full frontal nudity! It was worth the wait!! The sex scenes are about as explicit as they come in R-rated movies. Angie plays a parole officer keeping tabs on kinky Richard Grieco, who's on probation after killing a lover during a particularly intense s&m session. Tragic accident? Intentional murder? Angie's not sure, but she wants to find out - and she's soon drawn into his dark'n'dangerous world herself.

środa, 9 września 2009

Shandra, the Jungle Girl (1999)

Shandra, the Jungle Girl

Four scientists journey to the Brazilian jungle in search of the fabled Shandra, a sexy but savage she-creature who pleasures her victims to death.

czwartek, 3 września 2009

Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood (2004)

Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood (2004)

As a lover of horror i knew from the title this one would be a cheezer but with Paul Naschy i figured it might be not so bad. Wrong! The bad acting and bad lines were good times to grab a snack in between lesbian love scenes. The babes are quality and there are lots of them but thats about all. Naschy was around from time to time but did little to improve this grade C attempt. If you want porn buy porn, if you want a vampire movie try something else. Mystery Science Theatre has shown and made fun of much better movies than this.

środa, 19 sierpnia 2009

Dangerous Seductress

Dangerous Seductress

John Miller's horror film Dangerous Seductress stars Tonya Offer as Suzy, a woman who moves to Asia, where her sister works as a model, in order to get away from an abusive boyfriend. Quite accidentally, Suzy unleashes an evil witch who commands Suzy to go out and pick up men so that they may be killed and fed to the witch (played by Amy Weber).

wtorek, 11 sierpnia 2009

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

This movie has everything any red-blooded American male B-movie buff could ever ask for. Beautiful women. Killing. Beautiful women. Comedy. Beautiful women. A wiseacre detective a la Mike Hammer on valium. And all of it on the cheap. If you're one of those PC Nazis, you'll hate it, but if you can take low-brow comedy with a grain of salt it'll be a fabulous movie-going experience.

piątek, 7 sierpnia 2009

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps (1999)

In this sci-fi western sex comedy (yes, there are such things), a pair of attractive women find themselves transported through time to the Old West, where people think they're new recruits for the local house of ill repute. They hook up with some cowboys, and their free-wheeling sexual escapades draw the less-than-approving attention of several of the townspeople. As a result, when an officer of the law turns up murdered, the ladies and their gentlemen are prime suspects. The women are soon on the run as they try to figure out how to get back to the end of the 20th Century before they find themselves at the end of a rope, or working at the brothel for the rest of their days.

wtorek, 4 sierpnia 2009

Animal Attraction III (2001)

Animal Attraction III (2001)

Liam and his partners are about to open Hollywood's most trendy and provocative nightspot. But as opening night draws near, Liam finds himself short on cash, and desperate to make some money. Young, gorgeous and in need of some quick funding, Liam does the only thing he can and seduces some of LA's finest and wealthiest women. Things spin out of control and in the heat of the moment, Liam finds himself biting off more than he can chew. What Liam discovers is that some temptations are just too hard to resist.

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Animal Instincts: The Seductress (1995)

Animal Instincts: The Seductress

She'll do anything if she thinks you're watching. Joanna Cole (Wendy Schumacher), who has a passion for exposing private fantasies, fans the flames of rock promoter Alex Savage, who finds excitement in secretly watching others. His voyeurism and her need to bare it all climax in a showdown of burning sexual desires.

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piątek, 3 lipca 2009

Hollywood Sins (2000)

Hollywood Sins

For those of us who prefer a little substance, Hollywood Sins has that too. Its comedy is down right hilarious. With the exception of Rod Steele, it's the most charming comedy for late night programming I have seen. Hal Hutton is the Hugh Grant of Skinemax with a performance that often reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow! Also, romance is definitely here. Fantastic execution of the love angle between Hutton and Tracy Ryan. I do mean fantastic. I first saw Ryan in Forbidden, but I have come to really like her. I would say she's my favorite, and like Monique Parent, she can actually act.

wtorek, 12 maja 2009

Rebecca's Secret (1996)

Rebecca's Secret

If you are looking for a good "movie" such as this, it will barely hold your interest between skin shots. The girls are very hot, and worth putting up with the agonizingly poor "plot". However, the viewer wanting good DVD quality will be dissapointed. The digital encoding is lousy, and the sound is horrible. Then again, you wouldn't really think you'd be getting too great from a flick like this. Wait until the price drops so you won't be too dissapointed.

czwartek, 7 maja 2009

Andromina: The Pleasure Planet

Andromina: The Pleasure Planet

Disappointed that Andromina, the pleasure planet, has fallen on hard times, three men travel to a planet for women only to recruit females to bring back to the planet.

Scandal: Lawful Entry (2000)

Scandal: Lawful Entry

The head of a prostitution ring (Kim Dawson) is brought to trial, when all the little secrets and dirty laundry are aired in a series of vignettes. Ross Goza and Michelle Hall play Robert and Nora Iverson, married lawyers who are on opposite sides of the case--Robert as the prosecutor, Nora as the defense attorney. The two of them have numerous sex scenes early on, but once the trial starts Nora recommends they stop having sex for a while. However, she begins to use sex as a bargaining tool in getting her client off the hook.

Bikini Airways (2002)

Bikini Airways

Disappointed that Andromina, the pleasure planet, has fallen on hard times, three men travel to a planet for women only to recruit females to bring back to the planet.

środa, 6 maja 2009

Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981); Young Lady Chatterley II (1985)

Lady Chatterley's Lover

A film adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's novel. After a crippling injury leaves her husband impotent, Lady Chatterly is torn between her love for her husband and her physical desires. With her husband's consent, she seeks out other means of fulfilling her needs.

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Young Lady Chatterley II

In 1984 lovely Cynthia carries on the romantic heritage of Chatterley Estate. Her desire is to discover her perfect lover. She invites American anthropologist Arthur as her house guest, but he is more interested in Lady Godiva’s previous naked ride through the estate. Judith arrives at the estate to stop Cynthia’s lustful ways. But soon Judith discovers her own passion with the estate gardener Philip. When the estate is threatened with bankruptcy, they jointly create a sensual and successful obstruction to the foreclosure.

wtorek, 5 maja 2009

Baberellas (2003)


Chuck Cirino, who served as score composer on such B-movies as Bikini Hoe-Down and The Bare Wench Project, made his feature directorial debut with this softcore sci-fi flick starring former Penthouse Pet Shauna O'Brien. The film tells the story of an evil alien who deprives earthlings of their libidos and plans to destroy the entire planet, all for an intergalactic reality show. The only hope for Earth is a sexy all-girl rock band whose members make their way onto the spaceship. Baberellas also stars Julie K. Smith and Julie Strain.

piątek, 1 maja 2009

Bikini Drive-In (1995)

Bikini Drive-In

A teenage sex comedy about a girl who inherits a drive-in theater on the brink of bankruptcy. She stirs up new business the traditional way--by hiring girls in bikinis.

Laura's Toys (1975)

Laura's Toys

Renowned softcore auteur Joseph Sarno delivers another pulse-pounding erotic classic. An archeologist seeks out the hidden treasures of his bookish assistant, inspiring his wife (Rebecca Brooke) to engage in her own sexual explorations. Oh, what discoveries lie in store on the small island off the Swedish mainland!

The Breastford Wives (2007)

The Breastford Wives

The erotic spoof The Breastford Wives follows the travails of a young couple who move to a new community where the women of the town are rather well-endowed and enjoy the affections of many different citizens.

Attack of the Virgin Mummies (2004)

Attack of the Virgin Mummies

Three of the kings virgin daughters from ancient Egypt are beaten and mummified by a maniac. The maniac later returns in the 21st century as a RAMPAGING MUMMY that brutally kills and destroys everything in its way. He can only be stopped by ... Full Descriptionthe same three virgin girls, who are now go-go dancing mummies at a strip joint in Hollywood. And this is only the beginning!!!

RaR password: EatinSquirrel

Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet

Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet

Blast off to the farthest reaches of deep space as two starl-lost foxes from the all-lesbian planet of Aquaterra head for Earth in search of the finest male breeding stock. A fast-paced erotic spoof of sex and special effects in the tradition of Flesh Gordon, this is sin and satire on a galactic scale!.

czwartek, 30 kwietnia 2009

Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes

Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes

An American secret agent and an evil female supercriminal vie to recover a pair of top secret X-ray vision glasses that have accidentally fallen into the hands of a ditzy stripper.

Curse of the Erotic Tiki (2001)

Curse of the Erotic Tiki

When the Mystic Tiki of Weyamoa turns up at the little shop known as the Bikini A Go-Go, all sorts of mayhem breaks loose! It seems whoever wears the necklace loses their sexual inhibitions and literally loses control! Meanwhile an evil villainess unleashes her robot henchman to bring back the tiki at any cost, resulting in a riotous free-for-all!

Castle Erotica (2002)

Castle Erotica

This movie has a kinky concept involving witchcraft and some spells. There is a miniature model of the castle and when you put two figures (resembling the people who live inside the castle) on any room; they end up having kinky sex.

środa, 29 kwietnia 2009

Sex Court: The Movie

Sex Court: The Movie

Judge Julie (Julie Strain) can’t wait to tape the next episode of her TV show so she decrees an “our of court” session at her mansion. She subpoenas three couples that are having difficulty with relationships, and sends amateur private detective Chip (Rudy Reynolds) to gather video “evidence” of their various infidelities. The gavel isn’t the only thing that gets banged.

wtorek, 28 kwietnia 2009

Mummy's Kiss (2002)

Mummy's Kiss

Princess Ankahnten ruled ancient Egypt four thousand years ago. She was punished with death for engaging in acts that were considered taboo. Today in modern Los Angeles, she is a mummy that has been excavated. When a recitation of spells brings her back to life, she seduces female students who cannot resist her powers and beauty.

poniedziałek, 27 kwietnia 2009

Slaves of the Realm (2003)

Slaves of the Realm

Hundreds of years ago, back when there was no electricity or running water, but women still had beautiful skin and well-conditioned hair, the most gorgeous of them all, Shira (Rena Mero), decides she will choose the new queen for the new king. Just as she's about to pick the winner from a bevy of beautiful princesses, a rival king's steel-clad warriors crash the cave and steal the women that they don't kill. The princesses become slaves in a silver mine and Shira has to don her black leather in order to free them from their chains.

sobota, 25 kwietnia 2009

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps

Two beautiful women are transported to the old West from the future where they show some old school cowboys the time of their lives.

Insatiable Ironbabe (2008)

Insatiable Ironbabe

Beautiful billionaire Horny Fark (Jackie Stevens) owns Fark Industries - a multi-national corporation that produces high-tech sex toys. Fark inventions such as the "Spank-O-Tron", "Gargantuan Groper"and "Double Drill Assassinator" have forever ~Censored~ the sex industry and personal intimacy. While attending the International Adult Toy Show in far off Bacchustan, Fark is captured by terrorist Abu Bu and forced to construct a nuclear-powered sex doll. With no option but to fight back for the kinky sexual freedom of humankind, Fark escapes and builds an impenetrable sex toy suit of armor which sports a deadly laser bra, bullet-proof panties, and long-lasting batteries. Piloting her helium-filled inflatable doll back to Bacchustan, Fark destroys planes, tanks and women's hetero-only tendencies in one fell swoop.

czwartek, 23 kwietnia 2009

The Exotic House of Wax (1996)

The Exotic House of Wax

The action heats up when history's most memorable icons come to life for an amorous meltdown in this interactive "please touch" museum.

środa, 22 kwietnia 2009

Skyscraper (1996)


Skyscraper is Die Hard with Anna Nicole Smith in the Bruce Willis role. In an effort to differentiate the two movies, they made her a helicopter pilot. Normally this would make the plot highly unbelievable (she takes on a gang of terrorists). But by the time the plot kicks in, you will already have given up on any hope that this is anything more than soft core movie.

The sad thing is, Anna Nicole's acting skills aren't even up to that level. Actually, they don't exist. She reads every line in exactly the same monotone, whether whining to her husband that she wants a baby or pleading with the terrorists not to shoot a hostage. On the plus side, there is lots of nudity that gives new meaning to the word 'gratuitous'. Early on Anna Nicole gets home from a hard day's work and relaxes with a slow-motion shower. She seems to really enjoy it, giving special attention to her big-as-your-head breasts. Actually, that's the high point of her performance.

Ultimate Love Games

Ultimate Love Games

The Devil gives a ouija-like board game to two couples, which lets them experience their sexual fantasies directly. One of the couples becomes addictively ensnared, and it's up to the other couple to free them before they become minions of the Devil.

poniedziałek, 20 kwietnia 2009

I Like to Play Games Too (1995)

I Like to Play Games Too

Mediocre "erotic" thriller. Mildly amusing concept, with a few twist and turns. Stephanie LeFleur is probably the best this movie has to offer in the way of attractive women. The plot kinda meanders on between soft-porn scenes, but there's more than you usually find.

piątek, 17 kwietnia 2009

Electra 1996


Billionaire named Roach desperately seeks for the secret serum which could turn an ordinary human into a superbeing. The serum is hidden in the body of young Billy Duncan. The serum can be transmitted via sexual intercourse, and that turns to be the basis of Roach’s evil scheme.

Naked lies (1998)

Naked lies

When FBI agent Cara Landry accidentally shoots and kills an innocent child during a drug bust, she is suspended from her duties. Racked with guilt and fearing that her career may be lost, Cara is transferred to the treasury department when her supervisor Kevin Dowd recommends her for a dangerous undercover operation. Cara must now risk her life to rebuild her caree

Possessed by the Night (1993)

Possessed by the Night

Kinky sex games ensue between a married writer and a sexy other woman thanks to a mysterious fetish object.

Vampire Sisters (2004)

Vampire Sisters

These sexy sirens bring a whole new meaning to "Ladies of the Night" as they lure victim after victim to their website. Utilizing the web to entice victims to their lair, they seductively work their beauty and their bodies to fulfill an unholy desire to feed on human blood! Once the kinky fun begins, the sisters bare their fangs and the feeding frenzy begins! After these sensual bloodsuckers are finished, they drag the bodies to a hideous creature they keep locked in their shed. As the Missing Persons pile up, two undercover vice squad detectives pose as a kinky couple to infiltrate the Vampire Sisters' home. A chilling battle between the sisters and the undercover cops leads to a mind-blowing finally climax.

My Vampire Lover (2002)

My Vampire Lover

My Vampire Lover delivers the required Girl On Girl action, which pretty much lasts the entire film. Thats a big plus, however there is little seduction to be found here. What I mean by that is I just didn't buy the love scenes. Our beautiful lead Vamp meets and then is making love to the neighborhood women all in a matter of five seconds. Generally there would be a little reservation at first, but not in My Vampire Lover. This film basically just goes from love scene to love scene which I like usually in my erotic films, but here it felt unbelievable and disjointed. I just felt the girls' were going through the motions, and it was sex scene after sex scene with no build whatsoever. Thats not to say it's all bad, Paige Richards is funny and extremely sexy as the lead Vampire, plus you have Misty Mundae aka Erin Brown as a Catholic Schoolgirl which was a sexy plus. So I recommend it to my fellow Seduction Cinema fans as the sex and nudity was abundant, just don't expect any real seducing to happen.

czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2009

Singapore Sling (2000)

Singapore Sling (2000)

This is one of Tweed's finest. Why would you watch this movie? Accept it, for it's sex scenes or if you are a big fan of Shannon Tweed. The sex scenes are steamy and long. Tweed acts like a real fox and really knows how to turn on the audience.

The Rowdy Girls

The Rowdy Girls

A highwaywoman and a fast-shooter disguised as a nun are on their way to freedom in San Francisco when they are joined by a fleeing trophy wife. When they get held up and kidnapped by a gang of... A highwaywoman and a fast-shooter disguised as a nun are on their way to freedom in San Francisco when they are joined by a fleeing trophy wife. When they get held up and kidnapped by a gang of outlaws. The ladies must fight for their freedom against the evil femme fatale Mick. An action-packed Western comedy, written and produced by former Playmate India Allen.



A take-off on Tomb Raider, Misty Mundae and Darian Caine star in the Seduction Cinema softcore film Mummy Raider.

środa, 15 kwietnia 2009

Carnal Desires (1999)

Carnal Desires

In this softcore erotic escapade, a masseur dreams of opening his own heath spa and tries to persuade a wealthy man to finance the project. However, his eagerness to show off the magic he can work with his hands gets the better of him, and soon he ends up seducing his future partner's daughter, his lover, and his wife.

Secret Pleasures (1999)

Secret Pleasures

Erotic drama about a detective agency specialising in catching unfaithful spouses in the act. But one of the private eyes finds herself drawn into a complex love triangle when she's hired by a mysterious millionaire.

Forbidden Sins (1999)

Forbidden Sins

Defense attorney Maureen Doherty (Tweed) is hired to defend an arrogant multi-millionaire accused of murdering a stripper during kinky sex games. Maureen's search for the truth soon takes her into forbidden territory, in opposition to her ex-husband, the detective assigned to the case.